Welcome to North Star Kindred

Welcome to North Star Kindred's Home on the World Wide Web.  We are located in Lansing, MI and were formed on May 1, 2011 by Laura and Marilyn to start the process of building an Asatru presence here in central Michigan.  We host a formal Rune Study Group and a Lore Study Group that are open to anyone interested as well as performing public rituals from time to time.  Email us to find out more information about the current schedule or check us out on Facebook, where the next meeting will be posted.

When choosing a name for the Kindred, we thought a long time about the symbolism and what it meant to us, both in historical terms and to us as modern Heathens.  The North Star, Polaris, is approximately aligned with Earth's rotation so that it is directly overhead when standing at the North Pole.  Because of this, it was traditionally used to navigate, particularly at sea, since heading towards it was always to go North.  As modern Heathens returning to the roots of our native Northern European ancestry, using the North Star as a symbol of our journey seemed apt, especially given the sea-faring ways of our forebears.  The symbol we have taken for our Kindred then, is a nine pointed star since nine is a special number to Heathens.  It represents the Nine Worlds named in Norse Cosmology, and the Nine Nights Odin Alfather hung on the world tree to gain the knowledge of the runes.  

Whether you are in mid-Michigan and looking for a group to celebrate with, or visiting the area and wanting to get together for a beer, feel free to contact us.  We look forward to raising a horn with you!  Hail the Gods!  Hail the Folk!  May the North Star guide you home!